New Book!

Reflections for the Hands Head and Heart

Handwritten collection of drumming exercises, stories, and practice tips to help strengthen the hands, head, and heart.

Praise for Reflections for the Head, Hands, and Heart.


Brandon Graves has put together a unique and thoughtful look into practice method.  His mixture of stories, encouragement and advice with engaging exercises helps develop a player physically and mentally.  He creates a connection with the reader by letting them know that it is common to feel imposter syndrome, anxiousness and a desire to improve. This connection creates a sense of community and unity with others players that I find refreshing.  The exercises are well thought out and endlessly useful in several permutations and in various musical settings.  The craft, care and thought put into this book is evident, not only in its content, but in the layout and construction of the book itself. 

-Dr. Von Hansen, Assistant Professor of Percussion Washburn University