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Reflections for the Head Hands and Heart

A hand written book of exercises, stories, and musical advice for drummers of all ages and skill levels. During the pandemic of 2020 I would sit down in my studio and play along to some of my favorite music. I would noodle around until I found something that offered me a challenge. Those challenges turned into a series of exercises that appear in this book. I chose to hand write them because I enjoyed looking at the page more than if it were typed. The open spaces around each exercise seemed as though it needed to be filled with thoughts and stories. Some related to the exercise, some not. I did not expect my efforts to turn into a full book but the process became a mantra. Day after day I collected thoughts, stories, and doodles in the empty space on the page. I found several treads that led me to the icons and a bridge between the ideas in the book. As I worked on the exercises I began to see how mindfulness was an important ally in navigating the emotions and responses generated by my work. The final product is a glimpse into a process of reflection that I have found useful in my practice time and in the growth of my students.

Latest News

Hey Everyone, welcome to my website. It has been a busy season for me. I wrote a book called Reflections for the Hands Head and Heart, I completed a Kickstarter campaign by reaching 160% funding, and I designed and launched a signature practice pad called the Brandon Graves Isopad with Beetle Percussion! You can check out the book here!