Thank you for stopping by. I am honored that you are here and willing to take time out of your day to check out what I’m doing. Currently, I am featuring my new book Reflections for the Hands, Head, and Heart. It’s an introspective look at the ways we can line up our head, heart, and body centers while we are practicing and performing. It’s chock full of groovy exercises and practice tips. Plus, you get to read my meandering thoughts regarding boombox graffiti and my magnetic friends. In addition, I designed a signature practice pad with Beetle Percussion that goes along nicely with my book.  Lastly, I am very interested in building community so please sign up for my mailing list so I can let you know when new community events and content are released. I promise not to spam you.

A Labor of Love

Check out my new book! It is an outpouring of my love for teaching and telling tales. It took over a year to produce but the story began long ago.

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"Brandon Graves has helped me navigate the drum intersection technique and mindfulness.  His book Reflections for the Head, Hands and Heart has served as my road map to find not only balance in my hands but also to really be present for each moment behind and beyond the kit."

- Teresa Esguerra, Drummer for Built to Spill