"Brandon Graves is a fantastic mentor and guide in music and in life. From my start in middle school, and even now as I’ve become a professional drummer, what Brandon has taught me has stuck with me."

- Andrew Wray, former student and professional drummer

  • More Music is Better

    Enriching my student's lives to absorb as much art and music as possible. Teaching the connection between their art and their humanity.

  • Honesty

    I am in pursuit of expression, authenticity, and vulnerability and these goals are never-ending. I try to bring these qualities to every lesson.

  • Changing the Narrative

    Helping students find their voice and embrace their humanity and original expression through breaking away from common perfection oriented narratives.

Quick Private Lesson FAQs

Where do lessons take place?

Private lessons take place at The Culture House in Olathe, KS - 14808 West 117th Street, Olathe, KS 66064.

What age students do you work with?

Ages 7 and up.

Do I need a drum set?

Not at first but in order to begin understanding how the instrument responds to touch, it will be necessary after a few lessons.

Are electronic drums okay?

While electric drums can be a fun addition to an acoustic kit,  they do not provide the student with the ability to understand how the instrument responds to touch.