Custom Curated Drum Clinics

One of my favorite things to do is share my passion with other folks. I would love to come work with your students, church music teams, or community groups. During my clinics, I take the time to dive deep into the alignment of the Hands, Head, and Heart. I  demonstrate how to apply the concepts from my book to musical practice and performance on the drum set. This helps the attendees leave with a better understanding of their own internal narratives. In addition, they will receive practical tools they can apply to their own musical growth. Fill out the inquiry form below if you are interested in booking a clinic.

"Brandon Graves' clinic was amazing for my students.  His down to earth approach to drumming with respect to mental health and being a working musician was very appreciated in the time we're in.  The "Ted Talk" style format created thoughtful conversations with students of all ages and ability levels.  I would recommend this clinic to better anyone's program."

- Mike McBain, Associate Director of Bands/Director of Percussion - Lee's Summit High School

  • Connect

    Providing a space for students to ask questions and experience joy with the instruments we play. Bringing kids together to create a culture of learning and acceptance.

  • The Hands, Head and Heart

    Opening up new ways for students to think about practice and performance. If students can create space for all kinds of art, then they can make space for all kinds of people too.

  • Growth

    Seeing learners of all ages begin to embrace their humanity and original expression - breaking away from common perfection oriented narratives.

"It’s relatively easy to throw together a quick book full of repackaged standard exercises and generate some income from a side hustle. This is different- Brandon has clearly put a great deal of time and effort into designing a positive and productive whole-self experience, with this text at the center of it. Any student who takes it to heart will see tangible improvements and widen their perspective."

- John Kizilarmut, Musician and Educator

Quick Group Clinic FAQs

Does this clinic work for non-drummers?

Yes, the concepts in this clinic can be applied to all musical arts.

Can this clinic be presented in a school class period?

Yes, the clinic can be formatted to a classroom schedule.

Can your clinics work for churches?

Yes, the clinic content is helpful in a church environment.